December 11, 2023
Eikonoise Records
Producer: Eikonoise (Bojan Miljančić)

Eikonoise is a collage, an organization, a montage, a cut; reality reduced to a moment lingering between two nothings, solitude, an instant decision, authenticity, unrepeatability, elusiveness. The expression of Eikonoise aims for authenticity, coincidence, originality, uniqueness, individuality and the unrepeatability of expression. Color and sound are the two elusive elements, dialectic of the seen and the heard, two origins, two sources of energy; something that always keeps disappearing and running away from us. Eikonoise relies on its local time, it retreats into its own intimate duration, into solitude, into intimate consciousness. It is solitary meditation, because consciousness possesses the static of an isolated moment when we reach it through solitary meditation (G. Bachelard), and a moment in its intuitive independence. Completely discontinuous property of time, because nothingness is the only continuity; the moment absolutely reduced to a point. Melody gains sense through the diversity of its sounds, for sound as a sensitive matter possesses diverse life in its interior; it constantly changes for sense is diversity and only memory can make it uniform. (G. Bachelard) Bojan Miljančić